Our True History                                                                                                                                                                                                              

I speak of OUR TRUE HISTORY, not the history schools and universities teach, this is because they are mostly funded by sources that don't want us to know the real truth.

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I am the researcher that has successfully concluded mysteries that have baffled people for hundreds of years.

  • I have established a connection between the Book of Enoch (Ancient stone tablets) and Stonehenge, presenting supporting evidence.
  • I have identified the creators and explained the significance of carvings resembling a helicopter and spacecrafts in Abydos (Egypt), substantiated by evidence.
  • I have provided conclusive answers regarding the inhabitants, timeline, and demise of Atlantis, substantiated with evidence.
  • I have presented the only plausible explanation for the top of the 28km mountain range in Nazca being sliced off, supported by evidence.
  • I have elucidated the purpose behind the granite boxes in the pyramids, supported by evidence.
  • I've produced a 23-minute documentary presenting evidence on the potential father of Jesus.
  • I have formulated a compelling explanation for the presence of elongated skulls in ancient times, unrelated to head binding, substantiated with evidence.
  • I am the individual who identified that the 10 plagues of Egypt actually originated in Israel, supported by evidence.
  • For Gobekli Tepe, I have clarified its purpose and identified its creators, supported by evidence.
  • I have created a comprehensive documentary on mermaids, substantiated with evidence.
  • I have revealed the identities of Lucifer and Satan, supported by evidence.
  • I have presented evidence challenging conventional beliefs about Jesus' father and provided biblical references supporting my claims.
  • I have provided details on the timing and purpose of the statues on Easter Island, challenging common assumptions with evidence.
  • I have refuted the debunking of Crystal Skulls, exposing discrepancies in the debunking process with evidence.
  • I am the sole individual who has uncovered the truth behind the events in the Garden of Eden and identified the specific tree Adam and Eve ate from, supported by evidence.
  • I have unearthed ancient texts proving that Lilith was not associated with Adam but rather with Adamu, substantiated by evidence.
  • I have given evidence on who Yahweh really was.
  • i have solved the mystery of Stonehenge, with evidence.

  • And much more!

    Here is a link (click here) to watch 34 minutes of a documentary called "The lost book of Our True History" This has the evidence that the God in the bible were the Anunnaki
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    These amazing answers to life big questions are from 40 years of research, not just with ancient times, but I also cover Spirits / Orbs, Crop Circles, Bigfoot, Aliens and so much more.

    Over 220,000 followers on Tiktok love the content, why? Because they are getting shown how we have been lied to by mainstream and the facts that show we are created by Anunnaki.

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