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I speak of OUR TRUE HISTORY, not the history schools and universities teach, this is because they are mostly funded by sources that don't want us to know the real truth.

Why should you bother watching my videos?

I am the researcher that has successfully concluded mysteries that have baffled people for hundreds of years.

All with evidence

I have connected the Book of Enoch (Ancient stone tablets) to Stonehenge.

I have shown who made and what the carvings of what looks like a helicopter and spacecrafts in Abydos (Egypt) are.

I have given the answer to who was at Atlantis, when and what happened to it.

I have given the only decent explanation on why the Nazca 28km mountain range had the top sliced off.

I've explained the reason for the granite boxes in the pyramids.

I've created a 23 minute documentary using evidence on who the father of Jesus would have been.

I believe I've worked out how and why we have elongated skulls in ancient times that were not head bound! 

I am the person that worked out the 10 plagues of Egypt actually started in Israel. 

Gobekli tepe, I have explained what it was for and who made it. 

I have made the best documentary on Mermaids

* I have shown who Lucifer was

* I have shown who Satan was

* I have put out the evidence that Jesus father was not who you think he was, I even show the Bible named him over and over!

I have gave details on why and when Easter Island had the statues, it's not when you think!

I have shown evidence were the Crystal Skulls are not debunked, I even show evidence that the people that debunked it are not telling the whole truth!

* I have shown Adam and Eve were on a spaceship for the first 24 years of their life.

* I have shown who Yahweh really was.

* I have shown the Norse Gods were the Anunnaki.

* I have shown what the Frost Giant was in Norse.

* I have shown what Valhalla was.

* I have shown if Bigfoot is the same as the Yowie.

I have shown the Mark of the Beast already happened!

* I have shown why we have different races on Earth and it's not evolution like mainstream say.

* I have given the name of The Creator of Everything, based from Anunnaki texts.

* I worked out that the Greek God Kronos was not Zues father and I show who he was as an Anunnaki. 

* With evidence I show if Devils Tower was a giant petrified tree!

* Finally you now have the evidence of what the Firmament was! it's not an impenetrable invisible dome. 

* Heaven and Hell - Solved, no longer do you have to guess what they really mean!

I have reorganized the book of Genesis in the Bible to reflect the correct chronology of events. (Video is called Alien Bible)

And much more! All with evidence

Here is a link (click here) to watch 34 minutes of a documentary called "The lost book of Our True History" This has the evidence that the God in the bible were the Anunnaki.
If you want to watch the full many hours documentary it's on my Patreon page, click here.

These amazing answers to life big questions are from 40 years of research, not just with ancient times, but I also cover Spirits / Orbs, Crop Circles, Bigfoot, Aliens and so much more.

Over 267,000 followers on Tiktok love the content, why? Because they are getting shown how we have been lied to by mainstream and the facts that show we are created by Anunnaki.

Here is a children's book that has evidence for them to learn about the Gods (Anunnaki).
It's called "

Our True History: We have evidence our history is not what we are told! 

Here is the Amazon codes:  

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