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Introducing "Our True History," a unique card game designed by the content creator for players of all ages. This game is perfect for anyone interested in science fiction and fantasy creatures, with cards featuring a variety of creatures, including aliens, hydras, dinosaurs, Minotaurs, trolls, and more.

The game is designed for 2-5 players and is suitable for players aged 5 and up. Each card has four different options: Defence, Attack, Allies, and Special Move. The defence and attack options have numbers from 1 to 10, with higher numbers giving a better chance of success. The Allies option allows players to pair up cards with the same image to attack or defend together. The Special Move option can be used to enhance attack or defence.

The game is played by taking turns attacking or defending using the cards. If a player loses a fight, they must pick up another two cards from the deck. At certain points in the game, players can choose to attack anyone, not just the next player in turn. This adds an element of surprise and strategy to the game.

The winner is the first player to have no cards left in their hand. This simple objective ensures that the game remains engaging and exciting until the very end.

"Our True History" is a game that combines strategy, luck, and creativity. It's a perfect addition to game nights with friends and family.

With its unique creatures and varied game-play options, "Our True History" is a game that's sure to be a hit with players of all ages.

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Our True History Card Game

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