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Introducing "Our True History - Your House - Break Out," a card game that takes players on a journey through our true history. The game is designed to be played in the comfort of your own home and can accommodate 1 to 5 players. The game controller sets up the game by hiding cards around the room or house, and the players must find the cards and work out the clues to solve the game.

The objective of the game is to find and solve the final clue within one hour. However, there are cards that, when turned over, can end the game prematurely. Players must exercise caution when revealing these cards and only do so when they are certain they know the answer to a puzzle.

As the game controller, you hold the answers to all the clues, and you can give hints to the players as needed. The instructions are designed to be read only by the game controller, so players must rely on your guidance to progress through the game.

If there are four or more players, it may be beneficial to split into teams and play the game twice. This will allow you to see which team is the smartest and which team can escape the room first.

Your House - Break Out takes players on a journey through our true history, allowing them to learn and experience historical events in a fun and interactive way. The game is perfect for anyone who loves history and wants to challenge themselves in a unique and exciting way.

Your House - Breaking Out Game

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